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This Week’s Reflection: “Give back to Caesar what belongs to Caesar – and to God what belongs to God”

We know only too well what belongs to ‘Caesar’ – we pay taxes on everything – but what belongs to God? The answer is simple – WE do. We have all experienced the pain of being separated from those we love, but Isaiah tells us that, if we separate ourselves from God, we are nothing. God equips us with everything we need to make Him known to others. If, like the Thessalonians, we receive the Good News ‘not only as words but with power, with the Holy Spirit and with utter conviction’, then we too can put our faith into action, have hope in our hearts and show love to those around us. If we live every moment of our lives in awe of God’s greatness, we can show Him to others. How will I show the face of God to others this week?

Here I am, Lord, send me to share your love with all people. May I be empowered and carried by you to be courageous and enthusiastic in bearing faithful witness to the merciful Father, to the love of his Son, Jesus Christ, and the divine life in the Holy Spirit, one God forever and ever. Amen

Let us be open to the will of God this week and put His will into action.

Resuming Public Liturgies

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