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This Week’s Reflection: “And at once they left their nets and followed him”

We are struck, in this weekend’s readings, by the immediacy of the response to God’s call. Jonah sets out for Nineveh in obedience to the word of God. Simon and Andrew leave their work and follow Jesus. They would have heard about Jesus’ preaching, just after John’s arrest, and followed him without a moment’s hesitation. We, too, need to first learn from Jesus through the Scriptures, be with him in prayer and be transformed by him. Then we have to stop whatever we are doing and go out and proclaim the Kingdom, secure in the knowledge that God will show us the way and guide us. St Paul urges us not to become engrossed with the world because ‘the world as we know it is passing away’ – how true this has been lately with COVID and Climate Change… Like Jonah and the Disciples, we are part of God’s Mission to change the world.

Are we up for the challenge?

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