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This Week’s Sermon: “Called to Witness

The first Sundays of Ordinary Time dealt with the beginnings of the ministry of Jesus, the inauguration of the new age of fulfilment. The theme of this Sunday shifts a bit, and we consider the call to continue the mission of Jesus by engaging in some form of ministry. The call described today is more than a summons to faith; it is a call to ministry. Isaiah is called in order to be sent; the fishermen are called in order to gather others to Jesus. So it is with us. Our call is not merely to a life of personal holiness lived in union with God.

Our first and most fundamental service is to witness to the death and resurrection of Jesus. He died, he rose, and he lives on. This is the message that must be announced. This is the gist of Paul’s instruction to the Corinthian community. It is the basis of all other ministries. We are called to proclaim the message of the resurrection by every means possible. Some, like Isaiah and the disciples of Jesus, will witness in open and dramatic ways. They will teach and preach; they will nurse the sick and care for the elderly. Others will witness in less conspicuous ways. They will insist on fair practices in their own workplaces; they will weed out expressions of prejudice and violence so that a new and just world can be fashioned for themselves and for their children. Called in the ordinariness of their lives, they will witness to the death and resurrection in that very ordinariness, thus transforming everything into extraordinariness.