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This Week’s Reflection: “Twenty-ninth Sunday”

The Holy Father wants the Church to grow in 3 key areas:

With this in mind, he invites the Universal Church to come together in prayer and conversation, to listen to each other and to the Holy Spirit, to help us grow together. The Synodal Process for the Universal Church began last weekend (Pope Francis’ homily can be found here).
There will be opportunities to do this at a local, national and international level until the Holy Father meets with his Bishops in October 2023.

Archbishop John is calling us to take part in the listening phase of the Synod. He will celebrate Holy Mass, livestreamed, to launch the Synodal Process in Southwark https://youtu.be/aiCHG9JuqaY
Our Parish will be organising prayerful meetings which everyone is invited to attend and to make a contribution to the Synod process. Contributions can also be submitted to synod@rcaos.org.uk


Please pray for the people of Haiti and Afghanistan.

CAFOD is responding to significant crises across the world this week. We are working with local Church organisations in Haiti to deliver emergency aid to people affected by the catastrophic earthquake and tropical storm. In the tragic situation in Afghanistan, we are working to ensure the safety of our local partners and their communities. We are supporting local aid workers to deliver urgent food and water supplies to hundreds of thousands of people facing extreme hunger in Tigray in Ethiopia, South Sudan and north-east Nigeria. You can read more about how we can all express solidarity with our sisters and brothers affected by these emergencies on the CAFOD website:


Your compassion, generosity and prayers have helped us to stand together and enable us to continue to support communities in these difficult times. Thank you.