St Patrick - Holy Cross R.C. Church

Served by the Society of the Divine Saviour - The Salvatorians

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This Week’s Sermon: “God of mercy and compassion, forgive us all our trespasses…”

God of mercy and compassion, forgive us all our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us.
God has chosen us to be His people. He has given us free will. We often sin, but, through the mediation of His Son, he forgives us and celebrates the return of a repentant sinner. By His grace alone, not by our own deeds, we are made pure again. In this state of grace, we can sing His praises. As clear evidence of His mercy, we become instruments to spread His Gospel.

Can I respond by showing God’s unconditional love to others? Do I rejoice when someone is repentant or, like the elder brother, do I harbour the closed-mindedness of those who consider themselves faithful?

Please, refer to the separate document: Celebrating Our Jubilee Year for information of the forthcoming events.