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This Week’s Sermon: “The Baptism of the Lord”

Isaiah’s ‘servant’ is one chosen by God, endowed with his Spirit and empowered to be the agent of God’s saving power. He brings God’s consoling justice to all the nations. In the same way, at his baptism by John in the River Jordan, Jesus is anointed by God with the Holy Spirit and acknowledged as his Son, the ‘servant’ king, who accepts John’s repentance and renewal as a necessary part of God’s plan. The Baptism of Jesus brings to a close the season of Christmas, during which it is revealed who God is for us and who we are to be for others in Christ. By our baptism, we too share in this divine commissioning of Jesus and are challenged to be participants of his servant messiahship, taking God’s consoling justice to all.

Baptism takes a few moments but lasts a lifetime.

How can we live up to this challenge of ‘declaring the Good News to the coastlands’ especially in this Year of the Word?

Please, refer to the separate document: Celebrating Our Jubilee Year for information of the forthcoming events.