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This Week’s Reflection: “Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven”

In the first reading from the prophet Ezekiel we see the power of the Lord establishing the House of Israel. God just has to speak and it will happen. In the Gospel parable, Jesus speaks of a kingdom reaching far beyond the House of Israel, continually growing stronger from a small seed, providing for the needs of all, both physical and spiritual. When we pray the Lord’s Prayer, we acknowledge that each one of us has a part to play in growing God’s kingdom: we have seen recently how the actions of an individual, such as Greta Thunberg, can have an impact. We may not all be Gretas, but even the little things we do can make a difference and there has been plenty of opportunity for such acts during the past 15 months.

St Paul reminds us that we will be judged on how we have lived; if we gratify our worldly desires, we cannot be pleasing to God. We must, instead, follow the Psalmist’s advice and do what’s right in order to flourish.

What little things can I do this week to grow God’s kingdom?


India Appeal

Dear Father,

As we all know, India is facing a devastating second wave of coronavirus, with more than 16 million cases and 200,000 deaths confirmed. Father Paul Moonjely, Executive Director of our partner agency Caritas India, tells us, “The Church in India has lost many of its faithful laity and religious brothers and sisters in their pursuit to serve the distressed population…There is a strong urgency to reach out to the strained and stranded population that has been dispossessed and isolated.” On behalf of the Catholic Church in India, Father Paul said, “I make an earnest appeal to all the members of the Caritas Fraternity across the globe, to come together in solidarity and encourage the community of faithful, institutions and people of goodwill to contribute generously to this humanitarian call and express our solidarity at this crucial moment.”

We would be most grateful if you could let your parishioners know that CAFOD is responding to the crisis in India and advise them that they can support this response by donating to our Coronavirus Appeal. Just to let you know, we are also holding a special online Mass this Friday 7 May at 6.30pm to pray for the people of India.

The following information could be shared in parish newsletters or social media pages (with picture attached if that’s helpful):

  • As coronavirus brings devastation across India, CAFOD is working with experienced local Church agency, Caritas India, to provide vital support to poor and marginalised communities. Donations to CAFOD’s Coronavirus Appeal will help Caritas India distribute PPE kits to frontline health workers, promote COVID & vaccine awareness campaigns, and set up safely run isolation & quarantine centres. You can donate online here: cafod.org.uk/give. Please keep praying for the people of India and all those affected by the pandemic.

Additional line for parish social media posts if before Friday at 6.30pm:

With many thanks and best wishes,

Celest Iyinbo, Marine Harrington & Sarah Cadwallader
Community Participation Coordinators (Job-share) | CAFOD in Southwark