Holy Cross - St Patrick R.C. Church

Served by the Society of the Divine Saviour - The Salvatorians

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Last Week’s Sermon: “Answering God’s Call…”

When Jesus first speaks in the Gospel, he asks the two disciples, “What are you looking for?” This same question confronts everyone: What are we seeking in life? What will make us truly happy and fulfilled? An important element of the gospel is that only in God do human beings find their perfection and fulfilment (Catechism 27-30).
God made us in such a way that only he, and no created things-although they are good too in their own way-can completely satisfy our deepest longing. As St Augustine famously put it, “You stir man to take pleasure in praising you, because you have made us for yourself, and our heart is restless until it rests in you.” (St Augustine, Confessions 1.1.1)
We are invited to identify ourselves with these two disciples in the Gospel and heed Jesus’ invitation: “Come, and you will see.” For it is only in coming to Jesus, the Word made flesh, and abiding in him that we will find the fulfilment and happiness for which we were created.