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This Week’s Reflection: “If anyone loves me, he will keep my word”

If we are to grow, we must come out of our comfort zone. And if we come out of our comfort zone, we must be ready to face new, sometimes difficult, challenges. In the missionary work of the early apostolic Church, Paul and Barnabas go outside Jewish tradition to their ‘pagan brothers’ and are faced with the issues surrounding circumcision.

After praying and consulting the elders of the Church, they agree on the essential advice to the people of Antioch, Syria and Cilicia: avoid sacrificing to idols, forbidden foods and fornication. In the same way, the Church today faces modern challenges: immorality, contraception, euthanasia, abuse scandals, homosexuality… The response is the same – the elders pray and agree on what is essential. Jesus tells us exactly what is essential – to love Him and to keep His word, God’s word. We are not to be left alone, Jesus tells us, but we are to be guided by the Spirit, who will lead us all to the Temple, God.

Is the Church a building we come to on Sundays or are we building a Church, based on love?


Please pray for the people of Haiti and Afghanistan.

CAFOD is responding to significant crises across the world this week. We are working with local Church organisations in Haiti to deliver emergency aid to people affected by the catastrophic earthquake and tropical storm. In the tragic situation in Afghanistan, we are working to ensure the safety of our local partners and their communities. We are supporting local aid workers to deliver urgent food and water supplies to hundreds of thousands of people facing extreme hunger in Tigray in Ethiopia, South Sudan and north-east Nigeria. You can read more about how we can all express solidarity with our sisters and brothers affected by these emergencies on the CAFOD website:


Your compassion, generosity and prayers have helped us together and enable us to continue to support communities in these difficult times. Thank you.